Murphy’s Law


The African Swan

Are there days when you wake up and just want to go back to bed at 2 pm? As an attempt to hit the refresh button of your life? Because you do not understand the odds of a particular chain of events happening to you on a particular day.

I am here, in a place I should not be because my mind convinced me I was making a smart choice. I am clever yes, but I probably lack that sixth sense that warns people of impending bad luck. Or I do have one and it saved me from something worse.

But here I am, in a foreign town. Alone. With dusk falling. With no bus fare. And in a terrible mood.

I am in a foreign town because I decided this was a safer route home. Ha! Safer indeed. Also partly attributable to the fact that someone warned me about…

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Was it the stairs again?


The African Swan

When we hear about gender based violence, we are quick to assume the man is the perpetrator and the woman the victim. But what about “the other side of this story”. The one that doesn’t get spoken about often. For reasons that are too many to list here. Well here’s a story by a guy who has no name… for now.

“Dude, what was it this time?”, my friend asks me.

“I fell down the stairs.”

“Yeah, and last time you fell off a ladder,” he says. “Look man, we’ve known each other for a long time and I know you love her but she’s going to kill you one of these days. Me and Sally have the spare room ready for you for when you grow some balls, he he”. He leaves smiling…

Grow some balls he says… His way of trying to lighten the mood. Men don’t know…

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Madge's Island

*1st Epicle of Season 2*
It’s been what? A year(Am I the only one who thinks it should be ‘an’ year?) Plus? Rather, 2 happy new years. So this is the part where I should be apologising for, you know, up and leaving just like that without the usual ‘It’s not you It’s me’ break up cliche speech. I’ll have you know though, I’d rather you disappear from my life without notice than give me that crap! Anyways, am sorry, I really am, which is why this time am giving you no apology ’cause am going nowhere. Yap!!! Am definitely staying.

Like a normal Jane and John’s complicated situationship though, where John comes back with a very convincing story that would keep Jane from thinking about all the calories she had to stuff in her then model-ish body trying to calculate the maths behind her negative luck with…

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Hushed voices



Thousands of voices
quietly hushed.
Fear of mankind,
fear of being judged.

Smiling on the outside.
Imploding on the inside.

Monsters of the mind,
Hardest to slay.
Some clouds don’t part,
Some people, don’t live
To see the day.

If they could, they would
snap out if it
As you suggest.
But some thoughts haunt,
Despite trying your best.
Some scars, stay forever to taunt.

Several hearts in need of mending,
Several wounds that need love
And tending.

But they’d rather burn
In the hell of their mind.
Than listen to the jibes
Of the unsupportive and unkind.

On your little screens,
Everyone appears contented.
Suffering on the inside,
Silently tormented.

When they’re gone,
Some will cry and
writhe in deep pain.
Oh what’s the point? All in vain.

For when they were talking,
You wouldn’t listen.
When they were crying,
You’d only cringe.
Maybe your indifference
Pushed them off…

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Idea of Love



Often we fall in love with the person we imagine someone can be, a possibility.
In a way we fall in love with our imagination of someone. The character we want them to be. More considerate, more outgoing, more expressive maybe. We fall in love with the perfect story we want for ourselves.
Sadly, people aren’t designed to play a part in your story. Often, the people that come into your life shape your story, they make it unique, different from everybody else’s.
Other wise we’d all be stuck with Prince Charmings and Perfect Princesses.
Wouldn’t that be a tad boring?
I mean not every girl is a damsel in distress. Not everyone wants to be saved by someone.
Sometimes, people just want someone to stand by their side in the journey of self discovery.
Not everyone sings and dances with birds and animals (as often princesses are portrayed to…

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